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Solution examples for Foundry industry

Clean the moulds also on the most inaccessible areas!

It is hard to get a good foundry business these days, but it can be easily lost when you not consider the wishes and demands of your customer.

Demanding moulds, which are produced in larger series, have to be faultless from the very first start to the end.

Sometimes the moulds are so big or heavy, that they cannot be cleaned in wheel blast machines.

Do you face the same difficulties?

Cleaning with pressure blasting is the best solution for such problems

One of the possible solutions is improved coating of the core, which assure a smaller grip of the melt, but this is not very reliable and a wheel blast machine cannot blast the inner areas and the closed corners of the casting.

This can be solved with manual cleaning or deburring, but it is not exact and it is time-consuming.

Therefore the best solution is cleaning with pressure blasting, because it enables precise cleaning even in the most inaccessible areas and at the same time it is very fast.

Where is pressure blasting possible?

Cleaning with pressure blasting is an excellent solution for:

  • cleaning and deburring of moulds,
  • cleaning of tools between technological procedures,
  • removing of foundry sand.

How FerroECOBlast solved the problem in the company Livarna Vuzenica?

Three years ago the technologists in the company Livarna Vuzenica faced some big problems.

In this foundry they manufactured very demanding moulds for turbo chargers, which are built into the engines by all motorcar manufacturers. All the moulds had to be 100% cleaned inside in order to avoid leaking of the possible remains of the sand in the continuation of the process.

That would cause unexpected wear out of the working tools and would dirty the working area, but the most threatenig danger was the remaining of form sand, which could later get in to the circuits of the car engine.

The vital parts of the engine would be ruined and on new vehicles the producer would have to replace such parts most likely in the warranty time, and that would not be cheap.

For the company Livarna Vuzenica that would mean the rejection of the shipment, a claim for repayment of all costs, not to mention that thereputation will be ruined.

The examination of each mould before departure from the  company was not possible, examination with a camera was estimated as time-consuming and too expensive.

Together we found a solution, that the best possible answer is cleaning with pressure blasting.

In the company Livarna Vuzenica they solved the problem, which appeared invincible.  This solution keeps their business, saves potential costs and raises their reputation.

Let us help you solve that or similar troubles! For more information about our solutions and products contact us!

Some examples:

Deflashing of casts from aluminium alloys before Deflashing of casts from aluminium alloys after
 Deflashing of casts from aluminium alloys before  Deflashing of casts from aluminium alloys after
Inside blasting the spiral of the mould of turbo charger housings Removing of foundry sand
 Inside blasting the spiral of the mould of turbo charger housings  Removing of foundry sand
Shot peening of moulds Deburring of moulds
 Shot peening of moulds  Deburring of moulds
Cleaning of foundry tools Foundry mould
 Cleaning of foundry tools  Foundry mould
Automatic blast machine with rubber belt Automatic blast machine with a turntable
 Automatic blast machine with rubber belt  Automatic blast machine with a turntable



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